How to install the koa camping dome glamping tent?

According to the structure of the spherical dome tent, there are two types: football type and arch shape type. With a diameter of less than 6 meters, it adopts a football structure if the diamter less than 6m.Let us go on with a diameter of 5 meters as an example to show your the installation method of the spherical tent of this football type structure)

Step 1:

Determine the direction of the door and place the tubes in the order of…(which print on the tube )

Step 2

Assemble the first layer according to our schematic diagram drawing by screw

Step 3

Assemble the Second layer according to our schematic diagram drawing by screw

Step 4

Assemble the third and forth layer according to our schematic diagram drawing by screw

Step 5

Assemble and close the top parts according to our tent structure diagram drawing by screw

Step 6

Put on the dome tent cover,pay attetnion to the door place

Step 7

Fix the Cover (fix the cover holes with a pole and longer screw which can adjust the cover more tightly , as shown in the picture)

adjust the cover

Step 8

Adjust the the Cover (tighten the cover with wraps), and fix the ground with screws

Matters needing attention before installation of spherical tent:

1. Please ensure that the ground is flat (if the ground is not flat, you can adjust the height with our the base);

2. Determine the specific location and direction of the door;

3. Classify the diffirent size of pipe according to our Bill of Materails List and classify them by the NO which we print on the tube already to avoid wasting time in finding corresponding tubes

4. Prepare the necessary tools (herringbone ladders, wrenches, screws, etc.) in advance;

5. Workers should be coordinated together in a groups, (one is responsible for deliver materials, one is responsible for hold the pipe, and one is resposible for fix the screws);

6. After assemble the spherical dome tent structure tube, then fix the glass door (if there is no optional glass door, ignore this step);

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