30m dome tent

How to Installing 15m 20m 30m Big Event Dome Tent

Some client is wonder how to install a large-size spherical tent (15 meters in diameter-40 meters in diameter)? Today we will take a spherical tent with a diameter of 30 meters as an example to explain the installation steps and precautions of a large-size spherical tent.

The first step: first locate and draw a circle in the installation area, place and assemble the top rod in the center of the circle according to the structure diagram (pay attention to the symmetrical order of the P-shaped and check that each screw must be tightened in place).

30m dome tent tube
30m dome tube conneting

Step 2: Fix one layer by one layer of tubes in order and use a crane to raise the height of one layer, then join the next layer and assemble all layers of pipes in turn (this step needs to pay attention to the fixed position of the sling of each dome pipes to ensure that the same horizontal level when hanging it ).

30m dome pipes hanging
30m  dome tent risen by crank

Reminder: (Assembly sequence at the same NO of dome pipes: the crossbar is outside, the upper member is inside, and the lower member is in the middle)

30m dome connect the each tube together

The third step: intalling the door and fix the base. above 10m dome, it is double swing door,if below of size 10m, it is single door

Step 4: Lift the roof cover (note that the doorway of the cover corresponds to the position of the doorway of the tent frame, and the lower end of the cover is fixed with a rope and spread out to the bottom of the tent frame)

put the dome cover on the frame
30m dome top roof cover inside view
Step 5: After the tarpaulin corresponds to the door position, fasten the bottom of the tarpaulin to the tent frame, and arrange the tarpaulin at the door and surrounding areas.
30m dome finish installing

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